Current position:
Hardware Engineer



Hardware Engineer 面议
Department: Juexin Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Province||Wuxi City||Xinwu District
  • 1-3 years
  • Regular college
  • Full time
  • Unlimited
Description of position:

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for image processing and instrument control hardware circuit development, debugging, testing, technical verification, small batch production and maintenance;

2. Participate in the selection and design of hardware solutions, schematic design and PCB layout, and output production documents and BOM lists;

3. Responsible for the debugging and testing of the PCB single board, and complete the preparation of the experimental report;

4. Responsible for the EMC rectification of the system and promote the mass production of hardware circuits.

Job Requirements:

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of hardware development, debugging and testing experience;

2. Familiar with schematic drawing and PCB Layout skills, with 6-layer or more circuit board development experience. Able to independently complete hardware module circuit development and testing;

3. Have an in-depth understanding of digital circuits, analog circuits and high-speed digital circuits. Have an in-depth understanding of signal integrity and hardware reliability, familiar with hardware development and testing procedures, and be able to debug more complex circuits and analyze and locate problems;

4. Those who have a deeper understanding of image processing, FPGA, MCU, DSP and other hardware fields are preferred.

(Accept excellent fresh graduates)

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